Job Interviews - 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid

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Our first blog for the year focuses on Job Interviews. Given that jobs are scarce it is important that candidates understand the do’s and don’ts of the recruiting process, and avoid getting their applications disqualified.

For the next 7 articles we are going to focus on aspects job seekers need to avoid.

#1 - Latecoming

It sounds obvious but so many candidates damage their chances of employment by not arriving on time for a job interview.

The first rule to remember as a job seeker is “Always be on time for your interview”


Recruiters, HR Practitioners and Managers are busy people. Often they are screening and interviewing a number of candidates for various positions. If you are late, it will impact their schedule and all the other appointments for the day. Please avoid disapointing them by being late!

A second reason, and more importantly, is that your inability to arrive on time for something as important as a job interview may give them the wrong impression of what sort of employee you are likely to be. They may think that if you can’t make the effort to be on time for your interview, will you bother to be on time as an employee? Your behaviour in an interview situation is a fairly good indicator of what kind of employee you will be. Make a good impression and be on time!

How do you ensure that you get to the interview on time? Here are 3 strategies to help you:

Strategy no. 1

Well before the day of your interview find out EXACTLY where you need to be for your interview. Do you know in which building it will taking place and do you know how to get there? Use Google maps to look up the direction or phone the receptionist at the company to find out if you have the right address and get directions.

Strategy no. 2
Travel to the company a day or two before your actual interview. Travel at the same time that you would for your actual interview. If your interview is at 8:30 and you are using public transport, try to get on the road by 6:00 or 6:30 so that you can assess what the the traffic or train/bus/taxi schedules are like and how they may impact your travel time on the day of your interview.

Always give yourself enough time to get to your appointment well before your interview’s appointed time. If you arrive very early, wait outside the building or if it’s not safe to do so, go inside and sit in reception. Tell them that you are early and don’t mind waiting.

Strategy no. 3

If you know someone who works in the building or close by, get a lift with them. Find out which modes of transport are available so that you have more than one option to get to work. If trains are delayed ensure that you know the bus routes, how long it takes to travel so that you can always be on time.

Remember, our roads in the main cities are always congested and our rail networks suffer delays due to factors like cable theft, or maintenance, however it is your responsibility to ensure that you get to your interview (or work) on time. If you cannot manage to do so for your interview, it definitely will hamper your chances of getting the job!

Committed employees will always find a way to be on time. Be that person and impress your future employer!

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We hope that you have found value in our article, and look out for our next article titled Deadly Sin #2 - TMI (Too much information)

Wishing you successful interviews into the future.

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