What we do

# Tired of rejected job applications?

Not being invited to explore positions with prospective employers and wonder why?

# Completed your schooling or graduated from College or University?

Finding it difficult to land your first job in a highly competitive job market where there are many  more hopeful candidates than available positions?

# Planning your next career move?

Feeling apprehensive about the stresses of being subjected to recruiting processes?

# Have you worked for the same company for many years?

Feeling a little out of touch, and require an interview  refresher to pursue your next career move?

# Do you know how to get your CV noticed in a crowd of applicants for the position?

# Is your CV or professional social media presence attracting any interest; or the right interest?

Prime Candidate U has a wide range of CV, Interview and professional services tailored for your specific requirements.

Our exciting CV Makeover Services produce quality crafted CVs and Resumes to attract the attention and interest of potential employers; where first impressions count most!

While the CV template is one important aspect of a professional CV, it’s the content that matters most and this is where we are able to offer our professional services to help you present your personal narrative in the best possible light.

Once a candidate’s CV is noticed and they are offered an interview, often applicants enter the process very unprepared for what will follow next. Our Interview U techniques enable us to share valuable know-how and offer real assistance to prepare you to successfully navigate, what is for many, the “dreaded” interview process:

  • We have the methods, ideas, and tips to assist you in interviews
  • Get to know what to expect for different types of interviews (panel, individual, telephonic, skype, etc.) and how to deal with some tricky issues
  • The simulated interview will provide you with feedback, tips and recommendations on exactly where your answers may fall short and require refinement.
  • Most importantly, we will guide you on how to weave your personal narrative into your answers to strengthen your bid for the position.

Our flexible interview services are tailored across the board from first time job seekers who have not participated in an interview before, to those feeling a little out of touch with recruiting processes, and further caters for seasoned veterans merely requiring a refresher to present their best self in a CV or interview.

Contact us today and let us Prime Candidate U!