Job Interviews (like exams) need preparation to achieve success!

Would you expect to pass or do well in an exam for which you have not studied? 

Likewise, why would you expect to get the job if you have not prepared fully for the job interview. 

The property market has a mantra LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION - meaning that the position where the property is situated is the best investment. Estate Agents would advise one to buy property in a best area you can afford, even if the property needs renovation, since there will always be a resale market for property in sought after areas.

The job market has a different mantra PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION. The more prepared you are for the interview, the better equipped you are to answer the questions the interviewers are likely to ask and the more polished and credible your answers will be. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't get the job and don't know why. Or, have you had some tough questions come up in the interview and you didn't know how to answer them properly or fully?

Often candidates will try to "fake it" during the interview and the interviewers will pick that up and disqualify the candidate. 

Your answers need to be real, truthful, your own narrative and not answers you googled. The interview is the place where you need to demonstrate your capabilities, skills and knowledge and if your answers are not believable, your application for the position will not succeed. 

An important aspect of good preparation is to get feedback on the answers you will be offering in the interviews, whether your answers are of an acceptable length and quality and whether they will impress the interviewer.

Friends and family with more experience in these matters may only be able to guide you part of the way; but an interview coach will be able to give you very specific and valuable guidance on what are acceptable and credible answers, what you can expect in the interview process, and how to conduct yourself during the interview.

It has been reported that the unemployment rate among South African youth (aged 16 - 35) is around 40% which makes the job market a highly competitive space. Candidates have to be on point with their answers to stand out and succeed. PREPARATION is the key to success in the job market. 

Are you fully prepared for your next job interview? 

The Prime Candidate U Team

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