Hallmarks of a professional CV

Everyone has one but not all CVs are created equal. (Click on the picture to read more.) Over the years we've seen CVs from the professional to the downright incomprehensible. Content counts! In fact it weighs more heavily than the template used. Good content on a plain template looks more professional than poor content on a "funky" template.

Everyone has access to ready-made CV or Resume templates but few have mastered the art of how to present their personal narrative professionally. 

These are some of the hallmarks of a professional CV or Resume:

  • Never misrepresent your skills & expertise or lie about any aspect shown on your CV - even if you manage to secure the job, if found out, you are likely to get fired for dishonesty (media abounds with reports of prominent people that have done so and have been found out!)
  • Always proof read your CV and ensure that your spelling & grammar are impeccable!
  • Often what you see on your computer screen is not the same as the document when it's printed out. Once typed up, always print out a copy of your CV to check if the printed format is correct. 
  • Format lines (if used) to be crisp and clear
  • Use professional (Sans Serif) fonts that are easy to read. Be consistent about the fonts and size of the fonts used (not too small and not too big)
  • Avoid overuse of colour or clipart - unless it's in infographic format
  • Be clear about what exactly qualifies you to apply for the position
  • Adapt your personal narrative for each position that you're applying for to highlight the key skills and expertise you have that match those required for the position
  •  Be brief and summarise key information
  • Recruiters / Employers are busy people - Ensure that the template you use flows well and is easy to read / understand 
  • The most important information should appear on your first page
  • Show your education and employment history from the latest to the oldest
  • Ensure that you have 3 credible references that can be contacted and are happy to provide you with a reference.
  • In the digital age where everyone has a social media presence, do include a professional photograph of yourself on your CV. Typically a head & shoulders shot taken against a neutral background. You may smile...it relaxes your features and invites the reader to look at your CV. 
  • Ensure that you keep your CV up to date as you may be required to give one at a moment's notice, should a plum career opportunity arise. 
  • Your CV is your introduction to the Employer / Recruiter. Ensure that the impression you make is lasting and a positive one!

The job market is fiercely competitive and in order to make a competitive bid for positions one's CV needs to be on point, clear and catch the eye of the reader.  Prime Candidate U specialises in presenting personal narratives professionally. This means that we use your personal and unique narrative of your professional life and career to represent your best qualities and attributes on your CV or Resume.

Is your CV professional and up to date? 


Created by The Prime Candidate U Team


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