Professional CV Services - Why do you need them?

Often people ask the question: "Why should I get a professional to create my CV when I'm quite capable of completing a CV template?"

The answer is simple. Truly professional CV Service providers have the insight, knowledge, and know exactly how to position you and your information to attract the interest and attention of recruiters, thus increasing your chances to be noticed and be invited for interviews for consideration of landing your dream job.

In our blog post, Hallmarks of a Professional CV, we explained the importance of making sure that your CV is accurate, truthful, grammatically correct and professionally presented, since it is after all your personal image that you are showcasing to future employers.

There are some givens when applying for any position. Firstly you need to have the qualifications and the aptitude and/or potential for the position. Once you have established that you have those, then the next most important step is that you need to present your information in a professional, easy to read and eye-catching manner. 

Many people feel that they are competent enough to complete a CV template, however, they are not familiar with the recruitment processes and what are the most important features of any CV. Professionals who work in the recruitment industry get literally hundreds of CVs for positions and if your CV does not "stand out in the crowd", then they might well overlook you for the position! 

Did you know? - Employers and Recruiters may disregard an unprofessional CV as it indicates carelessness, sloppiness and could give the impression of what sort of employee you are likely to be. 

Content matters! Your personal narrative (your story) is key to making your CV unique and attractive to future Employers and Recruiters. The way in which you present your information and promote yourself as the best candidate will be the deciding factor of whether or not they offer you an interview. 

Take our test to see whether your CV is likely to make you a PRIME CANDIDATE. If you answer NO to any of the following questions you ought to consider getting in the professionals to assist you with your CV:

  • When you apply for positions do you get many (or any) callbacks for interviews?
  • If English is not your first language, are you confident that your CV is error free, grammatically correct and spellchecked?
  • Does your CV showcase your personal narrative (your story) in the best possible light and promote you as the PRIME CANDIDATE?
  • Does your CV "stand out in the crowd"?
  • Are you confident that your CV is complete and will "wow" future Employers and Recruiters into offering you an interview?

Are you really willing to risk your future by not paying attention to the most important document you need to present yourself as a PRIME CANDIDATE?

If you are unsure whether your CV meets the criteria to get you to the interview table, then consider talking to the professionals to assist you. 


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