Unemployment...by the numbers!

Unemployment in South Africa is a staggering 27,7% in 2017, the highest rate it has been since 2004.

Job losses are particularly high in agriculture and the informal sector. If these statistics include those people who have stopped looking for work, then the 27,7% grows significantly to 36,6%(!). 

The labour force has 22,4 million people, of which 16,19 million are employed and 6,21 million are unemployed. Yes, that's right. More than SIX MILLION + people (or 27,7% of the workforce) are without jobs and actively looking for employment. 

This rate is steadily increasing. By comparison it was 27.1% last year this time. 

The unemployment rate among the Youth (age 16 to 34) is a mind-blowing 52,2% - that is every ONE in TWO youths are employed!

What do these statistics mean for the job seeker?

Competition is fierce for the few positions that do become available in the formal sector. In order to be competitive in the job market, you need a powerfully engaging and dazzling CV and then you need to be able to hold your own around the interview table. 

Successful candidates have CVs that sell themselves and they also know how to promote their major selling points during the interview. Anyone who thinks that they can "wing it" in the interview is clearly not serious about wanting to find employment! They would need to rethink their strategy if they would like to be taken seriously by recruiters and future employers.

Given the unemployment rate, some positions attract literally hundreds of applicants from all over the country. People are more than willing to relocate at their own cost just to get a job. In many cases applicants are competing against local and upcountry candidates, which makes the competition fiercer.

Are you prepared and what can you do to become more competitive?

POWERFUL CV & INTERVIEW SKILLS ARE KEY TO SUCCESSA clear, concise and powerful CV is a door opener and the key to getting an invitation to the interview table. Once you get invited for the interview, you need to be able to showcase why you are the best candidate for the position. As competition is tough, preparation is key. (Read our blog on this subject.)  If your CV is not top drawer or you feel ill prepared for the interview, you could benefit from getting professional assistance to guide you on the right path.

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