Does your CV stand out the crowd?

Does your CV stand out the crowd?

Often applicants don't know how to sell themselves on their CV and make the classic mistakes of just populating the CV template without any forethought. It's all about positioning your competencies and qualifications for the position. 

Does this mean that if you are a newcomer to the job space that all is lost if, for example, you have never been permanently employed? Not necessarily...there are ways to position your competencies. 

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Professional CV Services - Why do you need them?

Infographic CV Sample
Often people ask the question: "Why should I get a professional to create my CV when I'm quite capable of completing a CV template?" The answer is...

Job Interviews (like exams) need preparation to achieve success!

Job Interviews need preparation to achieve success - Prime Candidate U offer professional interview coaching.

Would you expect to pass or do well in an exam for which you have not studied?Likewise, why would you expect to get the job if you have not prepared fully for the job interview. PREPARATION IS more...